Tanzania and the World Heritage Sites; WWF

Tanzania – Selous Game Reserve

Today is World Heritage Day or The International Day for Monuments and Sites. It was proposed by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) on 18 April 1982 and approved by the General Assembly of UNESCO in 1983. The first time this day was marked was 1984. The aim is to promote awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage of humanity, their vulnerability and the efforts required for their protection and conservation.

There are about 1052 world heritage sites in the world, among them 814 are cultural, 203 are natural and 35 are mixed (Natural and Cultural).

In Tanzania we have seven heritage sites. Three are cultural, three are natural and one is mixed. Five more have been proposed and submitted on the tentative list for consideration and nomination.

And here is an interesting journey through the heritage sites of Tanzania!

Kondoa Rock Art Site (2006) – Cultural

On the eastern slopes of the Masai escarpment bordering the Great Rift Valley are natural rock shelters, overhanging slabs of sedimentary rocks fragmented by rift faults, whose vertical planes have been used for rock paintings over at least two millennia.

Read more from source: Tanzania and the World Heritage Sites


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