12 Things To Do In And Around Mombasa; Mark Rausch; AFK Travel

Kenya – Fort Jesus, Mombasa

Mombasa: the other big city besides Nairobi in Kenya. With over one million residents and thousands of visitors each year, the city on the Indian Ocean is a thriving, pulsating, beachfront, historical epicenter for the world. Here are 12 things to do, see, and feel in and around Mombasa.

Take A Trip To Haller Park

Also known as Bamburi Nature Trail, this wildlife reserve created out of the former limestone quarry is located on Mombasa Malindi Road, and features a flourishing ecosystem — zebras, giraffes, hippos, birds, Cape buffalo, and a great reptile corner.

Get A Great Photo Of The Mombasa Tusks

A photo opportunity beyond compare, the towering aluminum ‘M’ for Mombasa awaits as a crossroads in the center of the city — built to honor Queen Elizabeth’s trip to Kenya in 1952.

Dive At Mombasa Marine National Park

There’s a glass-bottomed boat for those who can’t endure the water, and there’s a diversity of sea friends not far down under which attracts thousands of divers and snorkelers each year. There’s also the wreck of the MV Dania, where plenty of seahorses are ambling around.

Explore Mombasa Island

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