Jordan – Petra

Is there a better movie scene than the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? I think not.

When the four main characters rode out of the canyon on horseback into the sunset to that iconic movie score, I wanted to BE there. I couldn’t think of a better ending to that trilogy or a more fascinating setting for a film.

I spent my childhood assuming that the marvelous rock temple at the end of a long canyon must be fictitious, an elaborate Hollywood creation.

Fast forward a few years, and I realized it’s an actual real place on this planet. The desire to see it for myself festered into an all-consuming obsession until I walked down that narrow canyon and saw it with my own eyes.

You are probably familiar with the intricately carved rock facade of the Treasury from iconic Petra photos. Inside, there is no extensive obstacle course that kills everyone who walks through it, and there is no knight at the end guarding the holy grail. But it is still a mystical, almost otherworldly experience to see it as you emerge from the narrow 1.2 km long siq.

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