Sensational San Juan in Puerto Rico; Jill Weinlein; JustLuxe

USA – La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site in Puerto Rico

Recently I traveled to Puerto Rico to visit my daughter working for FEMA. While touring together for five days, we saw a lot of the recovery and rebuilding efforts, while experiencing the beauty of the island. Over six months ago, Hurricane Maria tried to decimate the island but didn’t succeed. Puerto Rico is back and its recovery in San Juan is almost complete. One sees rebuilding activity on almost every block as locals and contractors are working at damaged tourist sites, refurbishing or rebuilding hotels, and bringing back the Old and new Puerto Rico better than ever.

The beauty of traveling to Puerto Rico is that it’s a US territory and Americans don’t need a passport or have to wait in long immigration lines.

Many freshly painted hotels have reopened with new windows, furnishing, and replastered pools, however, some of the high-end hotels, including the Carolina Ritz-Carlton Reserve, St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort (scheduled to re-open October 2018) and the El Conquistador Waldorf Astoria have not opened yet.

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