‘Brasilia: Life After Design’ Shows The Real-Life Impact Of Planning And Architecture; Sophie Killip; Design Curial

Brazil – Brasilia

A documentary that follows three individuals who live in modern-day Brasilia, ‘Brasilia: Life after Design’ brings a human face to a Utopian ideal. Ahead of its London premiere, we spoke to director Bart Simpson to find out more.

The London premiere of Brasilia: Life after Design will take place at the East End Film Festival in London, on Thursday 26th of April. Ahead of its general release in selected UK cinemas in May, the premiere will offer viewers a unique opportunity; they will be able to watch the film and a special panel discussion, before having their questions answered by the film’s director, Bart Simpson, and producer, Aimara Reques.

Brasilia has been on the international festival circuit since its world premiere at the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival in 2017 – and has been very well received. The film offers a “meditative look at what it’s like to live in someone else’s idea”, focusing on the capital city of Brasil, Brasilia.

An 18-hour drive from Rio, and 2,000 kilometres from the Amazon rainforest, the city of Brasilia is a concrete city that was envisioned as a ‘utopia’.

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