10 guided tours to take you behind the scenes of Singapore’s landmarks and attractions; Coconuts

Singapore – Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore may be a tiny red dot on the map, but we’re certainly not lacking in tourist spots and heritage landmarks that draw crowds of visitors to our shores each year. Gardens by the Bay? Been there, done that. The Merlion (all five official ones)? Sure, it’s cool. Universal Studios Singapore? For a thrill, why not.

Venture across the island in search of tourist attraction after tourist attraction, and you’ll be entertained – but you’ll also just be scratching the surface. So to prod a little deeper, we’ve got a couple behind-the-scenes tours for you. From an after-hours sleepover at the aquarium to exploring death and the afterlife to journeying through a local brewery, these ten guided trails are worth checking out to experience a different side of Singapore.

Be an ocean explorer

So you’ve been to the S.E.A. Aquarium too many times to count. But betcha didn’t know you could actually snuggle into a sleeping bag for an overnight stay with the fishes. Once the last guest has left for the day, the Ocean Dreams adventure begins with a 90-minute introduction to the marine creatures, including a back-of-house encounter in the aquarium.

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