San Antonio: 5 reasons to get there in 2018; Jody Robbins; Calgary Herald

USA – San Antonio Missions

Vibing like Austin did a decade ago, San Antonio hasn’t reached peak hipness, but it’s close. Admittedly, it’s getting much of Austin’s creative spillover, but this Texan city is all about preserving its culture, not shoving it over for the next big thing.

Celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2018, this is a big year for San Antonio, enhanced by the recent UNESCO City of Gastronomy designation.

Progressive, yet mindful of its Southern Texas history, San Antonio is less than a three-hour drive from Houston. Here are five (well, maybe six) experiences not to miss.

Stroll along the River Walk

Recently expanded from 3 to 15 miles, take a stroll along the River Walk’s flagstone paths – a UNESCO protected site. Dotted with stone footbridges and anchored by lofty cypresses, it’s a refreshing spot to soak up the local atmosphere. And just like the Vegas strip, its licensed. Gain an even different perspective of the San Antonio River by taking a river taxi or boat cruise.

Party at Fiesta

Like the Calgary Stampede (minus the rodeo), Fiesta is a community celebration that draws a large crowd from around the world.

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