Palaces, Forts & Faith in Northern India; Jayne Gorman; Girl Tweets World

India – Fatehpur Sikri

The beauty of train travel is that it offers the chance to discover so many diverse places in a relatively short time period. I love how you settle into a room that moves, each day delivering a new destination when you peel back the curtains.

On board India’s luxury train, the Maharajas’ Express, each and every day you are introduced to a fascinating new destination – most days offering more than one heritage site or cultural experience to immerse yourself in.

I was a lucky guest of the Indian Panorama itinerary – essentially 8 days of being spoiled by the luxury of the train and delighted by destinations it delivers you to. From world-famous monuments, to Mughal forts and Maharajas’ palaces, here are some of the incredible places in northern India you can discover on Maharajas’ Express excursions.

Maharajas’ Express Indian Panorama Route

Day 1 – Delhi

Our journey on the Maharajas’ Express begun and ended in Delhi and I wanted to take a little time to explore the city before beginning the 7-night rail journey.

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