How to explore the Pilgrims’ Way by car; Gretta Schifano; Mums do travel

UK – Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine’s Abbey, and St Martin’s Church

The Pilgrims’ Way is an ancient route in the South of England, connecting the shrine of St. Swithun in Winchester Cathedral with the shrine of the martyr St Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. It’s impossible to know how many pilgrims followed this route in medieval times, but historians believe that as many as tens of thousands did so each year. In 1538, pilgrimages were abolished as a result of Henry VIII’s Reformation, the shrines of St. Thomas Becket and St. Swithun were completely destroyed and the offerings left by pilgrims were taken by the King.

These days much of the Pilgrims’ Way (it’s hard to know its precise route, but it’s around 133 miles long) has become roads. Some of the ancient route is still accessible for walkers, especially along the North Downs Way, and St. Swithun’s Way.

Exploring the Pilgrims’ Way

The Pilgrims’ Way passes within a few miles of our village.

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