Why everyone’s loving this island right now; Mal Chenu; Escape

Sri Lanka – Ancient City of Sigiriya

Venetian adventurer Marco Polo described Sri Lanka as “the finest island of its size in all the world”. Sure, that was in the 13th century and young Marco hadn’t seen Tasmania but the myriad wonders of this tropical nouveau-paradise are as varied and exotic as the scents in the spice gardens of Matale and Kegalle. In short, Sri Lanka is a potpourri of unpredictable pleasures.

Once a flyover location, eschewed by travellers for years because of civil war, Sri Lanka is fast emerging from its travails, posting sharp rises in tourism since the 26-year conflict ended in 2009.

And Australians are catching on, finding Sri Lanka is so much more than the place where our tea comes from and our cricketers are bamboozled by mystical slow bowling.

Sri Lankan Airlines now operates direct flights from Melbourne, making it easier than ever for Aussies to reach its unique mix of natural and cultural marvels, pristine beaches, millennia-old heritage sites, multicultural festivals and glistening tea plantations. Plus elephants and leopards and sloth bears, oh my!

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