Top 10 Small Towns to Visit in Europe; Travel Update

Belgium – Historic Centre of Brugge


Europe is a continent full of diverse cultures, languages, food, and architecture all compacted in a relatively small area.  Within a five hour drive you can travel across five different countries that speak different languages and eat different foods.  After living and traveling all over Europe the last four years and visiting 28 European countries, I find myself enjoying the small towns in Europe much more than the mega cities like Paris and London.

Many of the small towns in Europe were spared destruction in the wars and still have impressive historical buildings without the modern skyscrapers in the background.  If traveling to Europe, its well worth it to venture out of the popular large cities and explore the small towns to get a more authentic feel of the country.

The below destinations are my top 10 small towns in Europe that I have visited.  If I missed any, let me know in the comments below since I’m always interested in learning about more small towns to visit!


Braşov, Romania is located in Transylvania surrounded by rolling hills and mountains.

Read more from source: Top 10 Small Towns to Visit in Europe – TravelUpdate


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