The Restoration of Cultural Heritage in Vietnam with the aid of the Politecnico di Milano; Mario Zampaglione; OnuItalia

Viet Nam – My Son Sanctuary

Cultural archeology is a precious resource in forming collective memory and identity, but it also plays a role in local employment and economics. It is this correlation that has inspired the Politecnico di Milano’s Department of Architecture and Urban to intervene in Vietnam’s Quang Nam province with the objective to strengthen Vietnamese institutions that specializes in the protection of cultural heritage, as well as improve the condition of archeological sites.

This past week the initiative opened a center that specializes in the professional training of archeological restorations. The center opened its doors to a restoration laboratory where local technicians have already started experiments on how to best preserve and conserve ruins. The center aspires to become a place where recent graduates, public servants, professionals, professors, and workers can commit themselves to the preservation of cultural heritage.

The activities included under the program foresees restoration sessions through the Learning-by-doing at the archeological site of My Son, where the first digs began just last week. Representative, Martino Melli, of AICS in Hanoi participated in the center’s inauguration.

Read more from source: The Restoration of Cultural Heritage in Vietnam with the aid of the Politecnico di Milano – OnuItalia


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