The Most Scenic Motorbike Rides Around the World; Annamarie Houlis; Urban Daddy

Italy – Costiera Amalfitana

Keep a Diary. Start a Revolution. Try Not to Eat any Bugs

There’s no better way to witness a place than by going it on your own. There’s no more liberating, badass way of doing that than by motorcycle. With this nimble, simple machine, you can weave through the thunderous traffic of Vietnam, around the twisting cliffs of California and into the towering Tibetan Himalayas. If you have the time and the means, here are our top journey recommendations…

Pacific Coast Highway, California

California’s Pacific Coast Highway’s epic 500-mile stretch from San Francisco to San Diego is full of seal-strewn beaches, redwood forests and limestone cliffs to be seen along the way. Gastronomic, celebrity-concentrated cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco lure city dwellers, and the snaking Big Sur shoreline, which boasts the most abrupt elevation change of the Pacific shore, satiates nature lovers’ appetites. From Santa Cruz’s Monterey Bay to San Luis Obispo’s art galleries to Santa Barbara that is the “American Riviera,” there’s something for everyone.

Thakhek, Laos

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