Mount Fuji’s safety still under a cloud; YOSUKE WATANABE & SEIDAI FUJIHARA; Japan News

Japan – Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration

Japan central government and the Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectural governments have drawn up a series of measures to limit the number of climbers who scale Mt. Fuji, in a bid to ease congestion on the trails snaking up the World Heritage site.

Access to the mountain will not be restricted, and the planned measures center on urging climbers to stagger the dates of their hikes. This has created doubt over whether the planned steps will actually improve climber safety at times when the mountain is especially busy, such as when crowds flock to the summit to watch the sunrise.

Spiritual integrity at risk

Under the plan, the daily maximum number of climbers on the Yoshida climbing trail from Yamanashi Prefecture will be 4,000, while on the Fujinomiya trail on the Shizuoka side, it will be held to 2,000.

Compared with the busiest day recorded during the 2017 summer climbing season, these figures represent a 12 percent drop and a 25 percent drop, respectively.

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