Helsinki – A Fascinating Baltic City to Be Explored on Finland Tours; Robert Glazier; Goway

Finland – Fortress of Suomenlinna

Along with Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo, a trip to Helsinki is a true Scandinavian experience. It is especially known for its impressive architecture, as a design centre, and for its unique cuisine. You can add to this, a freshness provided by its proximity to the sea and the surrounding green forests. All this comes together to give the visitor a truly wonderful experience on Finland tours.

Market Square

My initial introduction to Helsinki was with a visit to Market Square. As the name suggests, it contains a market, which is quite an outstanding one, located on the waterfront. It sells mainly fresh produce (vegetables, fruit, and seafood) and regional delicacies. It is also a meeting place for the locals. You can take it all in at one of the many cafes around the square. While sitting there, observe the Presidential Palace and the Helsinki City Hall. If you are in Helsinki in October, you can experience the annual Herring Market, when boats arrive, loaded with this fish, which is sold directly from the vessels.

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