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11 amazing things to do in Ironbridge and Telford; Zoe Chamberlain; Birmingham Mail

UK – Ironbridge Gorge

Did you know there is an UNESCO World Heritage Site just 35 miles from Birmingham

The Great Barrier Reef, Machu Picchu, Vatican City and the Grand Canyon hold the same title across the globe but can visit these sites right on the doorstep.

This is because Ironbridge was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the place that changed the world forever.

And the museums here really bring this period of history to life for all ages and show just how important this area is to our lives today.

There’s also a way you can save hundreds of pounds on tickets too, scroll down for more information.

Be sure to check prices and opening times ahead of visiting to avoid disappointment.

1. Blists Hill Victorian Town

Legges Way, Madeley, Telford TF7 5UD

This is a Victorian town where all the townsfolk chat about their lives, their work, the food they eat and where they liked to shop.

What makes it extra special is the fact that your first stop is Lloyds Bank where you can exchange your money into old coins to spend throughout the town.

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