Travel in France: Discover Cahors in the Southwest; Daniel Kearney; France Today

France – Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France

Cahors is one of south-west France’s most unspoilt ancient towns. Formerly the capital of the old province of Quercy, the town perches dramatically on a rocky peninsula on a series of horse-shoe bends along the languid river Lot which is the longest river in south-west France. It is overlooked to the south-east by Mont Saint-Cyr which can be accessed on foot or by car and affords spectacular views over Cahors and the Lot River.

Cahors is famous, among other things, for its “black” wine: appellation d’origine contrôlée  (AOC) Cahors wine which is made with at least 70% of Malbec grapes and supplemented with Merlot and Tannat grapes. This typically darkly-coloured wine is known locally as “Cot”, “Cot Noir” and “Auxerrois” and is, interestingly, the only red-wine appellation in the south west of France to use neither Cabernet Sauvignon nor Cabernet-France grapes.

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