China Holidays with Wendy Wu; Mrs D; Mrs D Daily

China – Temple of Heaven: an Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing

China today is an ancient culture reinvented; whilst some aspects of life remain as they have for thousands of years, many aspects are being embellished by state-of-the-art modernity.

From the magnificent sights on everybody’s bucket list – the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors to name a few – to roly-poly Giant Pandas, vibrant mega-metropolises like Shanghai and Hong Kong and serene landscapes, such as the spectacular Li River, China is as diverse, complex and rich as a whole continent. Every province brings a new set of flavours to its cuisine and a new range of beliefs, philosophies and cultures – so explore this amazing country with the world’s number one tour operator in this country Wendy Wu Tours

Explore China in the best way possible: your way. Whether you choose one of their award winning guided group tours or prefer tailormade holidays to Asia, the Wendy Wu China travel experts have it in hand.

Things To See In China

No trip to China would be complete without seeing one of these wonders

Great Wall of China

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