Everything You Need to Know About the Azores; Maria Midoes; Suitcase Magazine

Portugal – Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture

Nine volcanic islands make up the Azores archipelago, a dramatic landscape of rugged cliff faces and verdant greenery in the Atlantic ocean, floating about 1500km off the shores of Lisbon.

A beacon of natural beauty, Azores is home to two of Portugal’s 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites; the “Old Town” of Angra do Heroismo on the island of Terceira and the ancient vineyards of Pico. The islands’ unique placement in the Atlantic – together with the volcanic, mineral-rich waters – attracts sea life from miles away, making it an unrivalled spot for whale watching. With dozens of trails of varying levels of difficulty, these islands are ripe for exploration.

Spend some time island-hopping and get to know the different lands, each with their own unique characteristics. Smoking volcanoes, crystalline lagoons and ancient vineyards are just some of the wonders that await – here’s how to do the Azores properly.

Sāo Miguel

The showroom of the archipelago – as well as the most accessible – every corner of Sāo Miguel provides new magic.

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