Kapital Drops Their “Himalayan High Ivy” Spring/Summer 2018 Lookbook; Adam Boskey; Heddels

Nepal – Kathmandu Valley

Kapital’s “Himalayan High Ivy” Spring/Summer 2018 lookbook drops today, and courtesy of go-to Kapital photographer, Eric Kvatek, we’ve got a few exclusive photos to add to the rest of the collection.

This season is heavily inspired by yoga, general outdoor lifestyles, and Asian designs, so be ready for plenty of roomy silhouettes, soft fabrics on nearly everything, some traditional print motifs here and there, and even more roomier silhouettes. But this is Kapital we are dealing with, so the occasional unexpected wonkiness is actually to be expected. In other words, don’t be surprised to see a 2-D true-to-size banana (or nine) sewn onto an otherwise reserved looking item.

Giggle-inspiring pieces like those with the aforementioned bananas and the aloha shirt with flying blue jeans aside, the collection does a decent job of presenting a harmonious assortment that speaks to the story of a West-Asian activity-based lifestyle.

Read more from source: Kapital Drops Their “Himalayan High Ivy” Spring/Summer 2018 Lookbook


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