Your Eastern Europe mini travel guide: 10 ways to enjoy your stay; Trip101; Asia City

Poland – Historic Centre of Warsaw

Eastern Europe is often overlooked when trips are planned out. Mention Europe and thoughts are drawn to a lit-up Eiffel Tower or gazing up at the majestic Arc de Triomphe. However, Eastern Europe has much to offer, with unique sights missed out by those who follow the beaten path, all without breaking the bank.

From Warsaw to Prague, eschew the ordinary and embark on this exciting journey through Eastern Europe with us.

1. Step into the past with a trip through historical Warsaw, Poland

The historical center of Warsaw—a UNESCO World Heritage and other monuments can be found in this ancient city, which holds numerous stories waiting to be discovered. Despite its destruction at the hands of Nazis during the Warsaw Uprising, half a decade of effort on the parts of its citizens have left it restored to its former glory.

2. Enjoy a romantic trip to Prague, Czech Republic

Dodge the crowds clogging up the boulevards of Paris. After all, previous moments should be enjoyed with your significant other, and not with thousands of others.

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