Tourist icons that won’t disappoint; Janne Apelgren, Susannah Guthrie & Olivia Berry; The New Daily

France – Historic Fortified City of Carcassonne

Much of the pleasure of travel is anticipation, so it can be a letdown when you discover the site you trekked hours to see isn’t picture-postcard perfect.

Travellers might cross the world to find Mount Fuji shrouded in clouds, the Twelve Apostles depleted in number, Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid is accurately named, Stonehenge has a barrier to keep visitors 10 metres away, and koalas are not exactly cuddly.

We’ve combed our travel archives to find destinations that are often even better than travellers expect.

Macchu Picchu, Peru

Whether you come on foot via the Inca Trail, by local or luxury train, or by bumpy bus, the five-century-old Incan city and UNESCO World Heritage Site is breathtaking.

Rediscovered by explorer Hiram Bingham in 1911, the mountainous village at 2430 metres where the Andes and the Amazon basin meet is considered the Incan empire’s greatest urban creation. If you have a big budget, staying at Belmond Sanctuary Lodge adjacent to the site will give you time there before and after the crowds have gone.

Basilica de La Sagradia Familia, Spain

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