Heritage body takes up Liverpool’s case; Place North West

UK – Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City

World Heritage UK, the umbrella group representing the UK’s 31 World Heritage sites, has issued a statement expressing its support for Liverpool in the city’s bid to heal its uneasy relationship with global awarding body Unesco.

Liverpool’s World Heritage Site has been on the Unesco “in danger” list since 2012, with the organisation expressing concern regarding over-development in the city; principally in the case of tall buildings potentially coming forward within Liverpool Waters and surrounding areas that come under the World Heritage buffer zone.

World Heritage UK has said that it is aware of “three positive initatives” taken by Liverpool City Council and Peel to minimise the risk of Liverpool losing World Heritage Status and to ultimately take it off the ‘endangered’ list.

In October last year, the city council informed the government that it had set up the Liverpool World Heritage Board, a task force chaired by ex-council chief executive Sir David Henshaw, to work with the DCMS on repairing the Unesco relationship.

Read more from source: Place North West | Heritage body takes up Liverpool’s case


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