My Favorite 7 Things to do Da Nang and Hoi An; MightyTravels

Viet Nam – Hoi An Ancient Town

The Da Nang area is located roughly halfway between Hanoi and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) along Vietnam’s huge coastline. Da Nang is the commercial hub of the area and features a modern airport and bustling commercial center with good shopping.

Hoi An is located about 30 miles south and is well-known for its UNESCO World Heritage Ancient Town. Hoi An feels VERY touristy but has enough charm to keep you happy for a day or two.

In-between are a big number of resorts along the coast, including the Hyatt Regency, InterContinental, Four Seasons, Pullman, Sheraton and more.

The climate of Da Nang resembles Hanoi more than Ho Chi Minh, with the winters in the low 70s and summers in the high 90s. So while Saigon can be steamy, Da Nang can be freezing on a December day.

As with most of Vietnam, prices are very affordable unless you enter the resorts, which usually have the same prices as in the US.

The Vietnamese are generally oblivious to everyone, including tourists.

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