The Margravial Opera House; Thomas Connors; NUVO

Germany – Margravial Opera House Bayreuth

Compared to Berlin or Munich, the German town of Bayreuth is pretty sleepy. That is, until the curtain rises on the annual Wagner festival. But while that event—and the opera house King Ludwig II helped fund for the maestro—is what put this Bavarian town on the map, Bayreuth has other charms, thanks to its 18th-century royals, Margravine Wilhelmine and her husband, Frederick. Wilhelmine was determined to give it a Versailles-like glamour, with gardens, palaces, and a jewel of an opera house. With its sandstone façade and an interior constructed of wood, the Margravial Opera House is a remarkable expression of baroque theatre design. After a multiyear restoration, the UNESCO World Heritage site reopens with a performance on April 12 of this year and will fully open to the public five days later.

The opera house is situated in the centre of town and has a neoclassical façade that complements the other handsome buildings on its street. The structure seems almost domestic in scale and, stepping inside, you don’t see a soaring vault or sweeping staircase, but instead a low, unadorned vestibule.

Read more from source: The Margravial Opera House – NUVO

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