25 of the Most Beautiful College Campuses In the South; Madison Alcedo; Country Living

USA – Monticello and the University of Virginia in Charlottesville

There’s just something so charming about these sprawling Southern campuses.

There’s nothing that signals the transition from summer to fall quite like watching students go back to school, when lazy summer days are given structure once again. Whether you’re an alumni reminiscing on your favorite college memories, or a parent gearing up for an empty nest, we’ve rounded up the prettiest Southern college campuses that will make you wish you were headed back to school, too.

Wake Forest University

Location: Winston Salem, NC

Wake Forest University’s most recognizable campus building is the Wait Chapel, which is named after the university’s founder Samuel Wait who started the private school in 1834.

University of Texas

Location: Austin, Texas

If you attend a University of Texas home football game, look out for the school’s mascot, a longhorn named Bevo—yes, a live longhorn actually attends the game! In 1915, when UT defeated Texas A&M 13-0, the football team changed the 13 to a B, the hyphen to an E, and added a V before the 0, to get the name Bevo.

Clemson University

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