Taj Mahal: Now visitors entry ticket valid only for 3 hours; Mysuru Today

India – Taj Mahal

The visitors to Taj Mahal, the world famous ivory-white marble mausoleum, will now get only three hours to see the monument here in Uttar Pradesh, an Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) order said on Sunday.

According to the order, visitors will get three hours to travel around the monument on the south bank of Yamuna River starting from the time of buying of the ticket.

The marble built mausoleum, currently open to visitors throughout the day, gets visitors from across the world.

According to visitors, the decision will be a relief from overcrowding as people generally stay inside the Taj Mahal throughout the day and only come out at the closing time.

Some visitors, however, are disappointed with the order and say the time limit should be extended as it starts from the moment they buy tickets and there is a long queue of visitors in front of the Taj Mahal.

They said all their time gets consumed in entering the UNESCO World Heritage Site built during the Mughal-era.

Read more from source: Taj Mahal: Now visitors entry ticket valid only for 3 hours – Mysuru Today


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