French Polynesia seeks to make some waves with campaign; Jeri Clausing; Travel Weekly

France – Taputapuātea

A new campaign from Tahiti Tourisme aims to educate travelers about the much broader diversity of its hotel and destination offerings, particularly those meeting the growing demand for authentic experiences.

Tahiti Tourisme CEO Paul Sloan announced the “Take Me to Tahiti” campaign last month to showcase French Polynesia as more than a honeymoon destination, one with many options for couples and families as well as a rich, welcoming culture.

The campaign was announced at the group’s inaugural Parau Parau Tahiti travel mart, which brought 32 tour operators from North and South America, Australia and New Zealand for two days of one-on-one meetings, along with options to add fam trips across some of its more than 100 lesser-known islands.

Parau Parau Tahiti, Sloan said, was organized, in part, to help the tour operators learn more about French Polynesia’s many hidden islands, unique activities for travelers of all ages and small guesthouses, the owners of which can’t afford to travel to the larger Pacific and international travel trade shows.

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