Farms, food and magical stone cottages in Italy’s Puglia; Cain Burdeau; AP

Italy – The Trulli of Alberobello

There are no famous historical figures to discover in the Valle d’Itria in Italy’s central Puglia, no city of note with theaters and great cathedrals. Instead, it’s a quiet place of rolling green hills, meandering country roads, endless stone walls, earthy food and wine.

But there is one magical, must-see attraction: stone cottages with conical roofs called trulli, grouped together in the town of Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

At its heart, a trullo is a simple farm building, a heap of field stones piled on top of each other, topped with a stone cone roof, called the candela. The structures have a fairytale quality to them, often enhanced by mystical symbols painted on the candelas that scholars trace to Jewish, Christian and pagan origins. Decorative pinnacles cap the roofs, shaped like spheres, disks, stars and crosses.

Nicola Loperfido, a 36-year-old craftsman, was making replicas of trulli in his workshop as he tried to explain their appeal. The circular shape evokes the cycles of life and seasons for a farmer.

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