12 Of The Best Things To Do In Bordeaux, France; Lloyd; Hand Luggage Only

France – Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion

Bordeaux is one of those cities that’s incredible for a city break and a longer little jaunt into the countryside and vineyards that surround this region of France. Straight after our visit to the gorgeous spots in the Dordogne, I knew I had to get myself over to Bordeaux and that’s something we did recently, with our road trip around the area – with a hefty little stop off in Bordeaux itself. There are so many things to do in Bordeaux that you’ll actually be spoilt for choice… it’s the kinda city that can be as relaxing, buzzing or vibrant as you want.

Anyway, before I ramble on, I wanted to share some of the top spots and things to do in Bordeaux when you visit. It really is a stunning city that I’m almost certain you’ll love.

Take a look at some of the best things to do in Bordeaux.

1.) See the Grosse Cloche de Bordeaux

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