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Ecuador – Historic Centre of Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca

Upon arrival in Ecuador, the 23rd and final country on our round the world trip, the beach started calling and we found ourselves in the beautiful coastal town of Montañita. Down to or last couple of weeks and acutely aware of the weather at home, we were keen to savor the sun and enjoy the beach life for a few days. Hammocks, beach strolls, amazing sunsets and tasty food – it was pure bliss. But all too soon it was time to say good bye to the beach bum life and we made our way to the city of Cuenca, a natural stop from the coast to Baños.

Cuenca was originally established as the second capital of the Inca Empire after Cusco but today it is a famous expat destination. An exact number of expats hasn’t been determined but it is estimated it could be up to 10,000…we might be back! The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of character, cobblestone streets and colonial architecture. It is famous for its churches of which there are 52…one for every Sunday of the year!

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