British archaeologist accused of fabricating Bronze Age history; Cahal Milmo; iNews

Turkey – Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük

When James Mellaart, a renowned British archaeologist, died in 2012, he left instructions for the publication of one last set of documents in the belief that it would further his life-long goal of reinterpreting the evolution of Bronze Age Europe.

The papers and translations based on hieroglyphs supposedly discovered by Dr Mellaart during headline-grabbing excavations decades earlier in Turkey offered tantalising new evidence for the fate of the same early civilisations immortalised in the writings of Homer.

‘Meticulous fakes’

There was only one problem: Fellow academics shown these documents have now put forward allegations that they included elaborate, meticulous fakes.

Eberhard Zangger, a Swiss expert who had long admired Dr Mellaart for his discovery in the 1960s of the now famous 9,000-year-old Bronze Age site of Catalhoyuk (regarded as one of the world’s first cities and recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site), has put forward evidence that the British academic, fabricated drawings of artefacts and translations to support his theories about early civilisation in Asia Minor.

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