World’s largest picture wall; Tania Qureshi; Daily Times

Pakistan – Fort and Shalamar Gardens in Lahore

The world’s largest mural Picture Wall is situated inside the Lahore Fort

As you enter the imperial Lahore Fort through the British era built Postern Gate, you will be astounded by the gigantic wall in front of you which is 1450 feet long and 50 feet high. So now, you can imagine the grandeur and majesty of this wall. This is the world’s largest mural Picture Wall inside the Lahore Fort, and it is situated right here in Lahore, Pakistan. This wall was one of the reasons that the Lahore Fort was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981.

The beauty of the wall cannot be described in words, and experiencing it is important to believe in its exquisiteness. The most appealing characteristic of the wall is that it deeply reflects the history and activities of the Mughals. It narrates their sports, events, cuisines, animals etc back in the time through the pictures on it.

Read more from source: World’s largest picture wall – Daily Times


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