10 Lesser-Known Pyramids; Ben Gazur; Listverse

Sudan – Gebel Barkal and the Sites of the Napatan Region

Everyone knows about the famous pyramids of Egypt. Their vast bulk and precise engineering make them seem like otherworldly artifacts simply dropped onto the desert.

But the pyramid is a common form that ancient—and modern—builders have turned to when creating impressive structures. Here are 10 lesser-known pyramids that deserve just as much attention as the more famous ones at Giza.

10 Mad Jack Fuller’s Tomb

The pyramids of Egypt were tombs and monuments for the pharaohs of Egypt. Most people prefer something more modest for their own resting place, but perhaps you should expect something more from a man known as “Mad Jack.”

In 1777, at age 20, John “Mad Jack” Fuller inherited a large estate in England and slave plantations in Jamaica. With this newfound wealth, he was able to let his eccentricities run free.

When he became a member of parliament, he would ride to London in grand style with heavily armed servants. His temper was formidable and led to him being removed by parliament’s serjeant-at-arms. He was perhaps best known for his follies, however.

Mad Jack liked to build.

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