Discovering Yogyakarta: Why it’s Indonesia’s most intriguing city; Janice Sim; Buro24

Indonesia – Prambanan Temple Compounds

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the mystical city of Yogyakarta

It’s easy to take our neighbouring country, Indonesia, for granted — because we’re bounded by such close parameters. The truth is, there are many facades waiting to be uncovered. For starters, Indonesia stands as one of the largest countries in the world, boasting 17,500 spectacular islands and a population sprawled across 300 ethnicities and 700 languages. Some of the places commonly known: the capital city and port of modernisation, Jakarta; Raja Ampat, the diver’s dream destination; Bintan and Batam, the quick resort getaway for city folks — where rambunctious nights with your party crew can be easily orchestrated. And then there is Yogyakarta, an overlooked hub on the island of Java. Venture in, and you’ll discover its true idenity as the apex of arts, culture and profound history of Indonesia, as well as a destination brimming with endless potential. They don’t tout it “Neverending Asia” for no good reason — here lies the top splendours of the enigmatic city.


Behold, the world’s largest Buddhist temple to date. 

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