Holiday gem we are overlooking; Lara Grant;

Switzerland – Old City of Berne

LONG lines waiting to get into a historical site, crowded footpaths that are hard to traverse, and sky-high hotel rates are just a few problems caused by tourists in Europe’s summer months.

While Venice and Paris are notably effected by the rise in summer visitors, many European destinations offer a plethora of things to do and see, without feeling like an amusement park. Here are eight of our picks for where you should travel in Europe this summer to avoid massive crowds.


A popular winter destination, Switzerland lures travellers with its stunning landscape dominated by the Swiss Alps.

Surprisingly, the capital of Bern is often overlooked in the summer for major cities such as Geneva and Lausanne that sit along the beautiful Lake Geneva, or the more culturally significant Zurich.

However, the laid-back city is well worth a visit, thanks to its Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage site) that’s packed with medieval architecture, several notable museums, and enticing farmers’ markets. Plus, Bern is within an hour’s drive of Lake Neuchâtel and several expansive nature parks.

Bern hotel pick: Hotel Allegro Bern


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