3 Must-See Destinations For Travel Along the Silk Road; Megan Jerrard; Mapping Megan

Japan – Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara

If you’ve ever heard of the Silk Road, this refers to an ancient network of Eurasian trade routes that once connected the East to the West. These were routes that emerged across both land and sea, along which silk and many other goods were imported and exported.

For many years, this was the primary source of cultural crossover between Europe and Asia. And while the Silk Road stretched all across Europe and the Middle East, it is the Asian stops of the Silk Road that are most worth the trip today.

This is where the Silk Road originated, when China opened up to trade in the first and second centuries B.C. But while goods were traded, imported, and exported in and out of Asia, it has a much greater cultural significance. The constant movement and mixing of populations also brought about the transmission of knowledge, ideas, cultures and beliefs, which had a profound impact on the history and civilizations of the Eurasian peoples.

Source: 3 Must-See Destinations For Travel Along the Silk Road


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