113 years, it still chugs on hill track ?; Gautam Dheer; Deccan Herald


India – Mountain Railways of India

A tinge of floating haze, silhouetted against the blue bright sky, is interrupted by a loud old horn from a distance shattering decibel levels in the quiet forest setting. The gentle cool breeze caressing flora and dense pine trees await the arrival of a chugging marvel on the narrow gauge.

A mighty engine, KC 520, puffing steam incessantly fades away everything– the floating haze, the blue sky and the flora–as it chugs its way on inclined gradient.

The 113-year-old heritage steam engine once again rolls through the picturesque hills on way to hill queen Shimla in all its majesty on the heritage Shimla-Kalka railway track. The century-old steam locomotive, still in use and vogue, is no less a showstopper. Recently, it rolled in its full splendor to the delight of foreign tourists from the United Kingdom.

Three coaches attached to the steam locomotive took 30 foreigners on an unforgettable journey. The steam engine built by North British Locomotive Company at an estimated over Rs 30,000, caters essentially to high-end tourists on the route on advance bookings.

Source: 113 years, it still chugs on hill track ?


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