Visita Iglesia in Ilocandia: Seven Churches of Ilocos; Angel Juarez; Lakwatsero

Philippines – Baroque Churches of the Philippines

The first time I went to Ilocandia was in 2005 when we embarked on a Northern Luzon road trip covering Pagudpud, Kalinga and Cagayan. There wasn’t enough time to explore the other parts of Ilocos apart from Pagudpud so I made a promise to return.

I went back during the Holy Week of 2011, where I endured the holiday exodus and 12-hour bus ride from Manila to Laoag with the main purpose of visiting old churches. I braved the throngs of commuters, the summer heat and the uncertainties of not having a concrete plan and itinerary.

So I found myself in Laoag at noon of Maundy Thursday, and immediately fell in love with its quaintness and beauty.

I stayed in a transient room for P300 per night, it is conveniently located near the downtown. It would serve as my home for the entire trip. Dora, the owner of the room was already waiting for me when I arrived. I had my lunch with them before taking a mid-day siesta prior tony planned Visit Iglesia.

Source: Visita Iglesia in Ilocandia: Seven Churches of Ilocos

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