How to Plan a Belize Honeymoon; Kelly Phillips Badal; Luxury Retreats Magazine

Belize – Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System

Why say “I do” to honeymooning in this Caribbean gem? From exclusive island retreats to adventurous day trips, Belize checks all the boxes for post-wedding bliss

As a destination, the tiny country of Belize doesn’t have near the name recognition and nightlife as popular places to the north like Cancun or Tulum. That’s a good thing. Because if you’re seeking a more private, unspoiled slice of the Caribbean for a honeymoon, Belize is second to none. What you’ll find are tropical islands, unparalleled diving, incredible Mayan ruins, uncrowded beaches, and near-perfect warm weather. What you won’t find are tons of other tourists—making this an excellent place to experience with someone truly special by your side.

A balance of relaxation and adventure is the key to a perfect honeymoon. And hey, some luxurious digs and beautiful surroundings don’t hurt either. Belize is just slightly off the beaten path for most Central American and Caribbean vacation-goers, though that’s quickly changing as the word about this paradisiacal spot spreads.

Source: How to Plan a Belize Honeymoon | Luxury Retreats Magazine


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