An Uruguay Vacation Has So Much to Offer for a Small Country; Robert Glazier; Goway

Uruguay – Fray Bentos Industrial Landscape

An Uruguay vacation offers visitors a varied, interesting, and enjoyable experience… as small as this South American country is.

Let’s place Uruguay geographically. It lies just south of Brazil and east of Argentina. I personally visited Uruguay by making it an extension on a trip to Argentina. I simply boarded a hydrofoil in Buenos Aires and landed in the north of the country at the old city of Colonia del Sacramento (journey time approximately 1 hour), then headed south on a comfortable inter-city bus to the capital, Montevideo (journey time 2.5 hours approximately), followed by another bus ride further south to the outstanding resort of Punta del Este (journey time 2 hours approximately). I then returned by bus to Montevideo and took another hydrofoil back to Buenos Aires (journey time 2 hours approximately). From this, you can see the country is fairly compact. There are alternatives to these routes. On an Uruguay vacation, you can travel all the way by bus to Colonia del Sacramento and you can fly from both Montevideo and Punta del Este to Buenos Aires.

Source: An Uruguay Vacation Has So Much to Offer for a Small Country | Goway

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