A destination that will stand the test of time; Rosa Ocampo; TTG Asia

Turkey – Historic Areas of Istanbul

Turkey has survived the rise and fall of some of civilisation’s greatest empires, and it will also survive the contemporary threats of terrorism and political upheaval. With its many mystical wonders, architectural marvels and unique blend of East-meets-West culture, it’s no wonder why this storied destination has Rosa Ocampo enchanted.

When Mart Evers Travel and Tours invited me to join a group tour to Turkey in October 2017, I was not daunted by the political and terrorism concerns in the destination, and neither were the rest of the 37-member group. After all, we Filipinos grapple with our fair share of image issues when it comes to our country.

And so our motley crew of well-travelled bankers, lawyers, businessmen, architects, professors and managers – from the 20-something to the sprightly lady of 80 – embarked on a week-long discovery of Turkey.

Source: A destination that will stand the test of time | TTG Asia

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