After Zurich, Munich, Stuttgart & Frankfurt, which European city should we visit next?; Kelvin Ang; Cheekie Monkie

Germany – Upper Middle Rhine Valley

Hands down, our trip to Switzerland and Germany during last December ranks as our most memorable family vacation ever. While I put it down to the extreme number of experiences we shared together as a family, the monkies will beg to differ – SNOW was the clear winner!

But snow or not, I think I speak for them when I say there are more family-friendly cities in Europe to visit then I thought. We visited Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich in Germany and Zurich in Switzerland and the sheer number of kid-friendly attractions in each city meant that we had to pick carefully.

Frankfurt, Germany

The busy city of Frankfurt may be the business hub of Germany and the largest financial center in Europe, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do for kids here. We visited the Senckenberg Natural History Museum, a must-go if you are visiting Frankfurt with kids. One of the most modern museums of natural history in Europe, and the second largest of its kind in Germany, it is home to Europe’s biggest exhibition of dinosaurs.

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