Jordan’s Striking Petra: Truly Unforgettable; Elizabeth Von Pier; GoNOMAD Travel

Jordan – Petra

It is early morning and the sun is casting shadows on the monumental canyon walls leading into the Siq, a half-mile narrow passage used to enter and exit the “rose city” of Petra in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Except for our Bedouin guide Zaid and the horses we are riding, we are here alone at this lovely time of day. The tourists have not yet arrived and we have Petra to ourselves, at least for a short while.

The horses’ footsteps echo off the walls of the red sandstone cliffs towering above us. The path is only a few feet wide between these sheer canyon walls which get higher and closer as you approach the Siq.

The sun doesn’t shine here and not much grows. High up you may see some fig trees or oleander clinging to the brown, white, red and ochre walls.

It seems almost sacrilegious to break the silence with spoken words.

After fifteen minutes, we get off the horses and start our walk along the gritty road, admiring the incredible sights on both sides of us.

Source: Jordan’s Striking Petra: Truly Unforgettable – GoNOMAD Travel


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