Three tourists kicked out of Machu Picchu after mooning for photos; Erin Donnelly; Yahoo


Peru – Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu

Travelers should think twice before dropping trou at one of the world’s most sacred sites.

As AFP reports, three European tourists were forced to leave the ancient Machu Picchu site in Peru after some nude hijinks. The sightseers — described as a 21-year-old German, a 24-year-old from Switzerland, and a 26-year-old Dutch citizen — were caught exposing their bare bottoms for the camera during a visit to the 15th-century Incan citadel.

“The three tourists dropped their pants to show their buttocks and took photos,” police official Martin Flores told AFP. “That is not allowed. … In accordance with internal rules in place there, the three tourists were expelled, but they were not detained.”

Authorities have cracked down on nudity at the UNESCO World Heritage site, as it is considered a sign of disrespect.

“There are places in the world that people can get naked, but not all places are (appropriate) for getting undressed,” Alfredo Mormontoy Atayupanqui, director of archaeological resources for Peru’s Ministry of Culture, told CNN in 2014 after a series of incidents.

Source: Three tourists kicked out of Machu Picchu after mooning for photos


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