Finding the Wild: Your Guide to Amazing Yukon Explorations in 2018; Colleen Friesen; Explore Magazine

Canada – Kluane / Wrangell-St. Elias / Glacier Bay / Tatshenshini-Alsek

Maybe you’re driving on one of those Yukon highways that stretch on forever. Nothing but mountains, trees and maybe some ravens overhead. Stopping, you step out of the car and sense it; a silence so large that it feels almost solid. You find yourself wrapped in a thick quilt made of quiet.

Or maybe it’s that moment when the skies are doing a cosmic dance and electrifying the night. It’s then that you realize the word large seems too puny. Considering you could stuff Germany, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands into Yukon and still have land left over, and that there are only 38,000 inhabitants in this sub-Arctic landscape, even vast seems insufficient.

Whether you’re a nature lover, explorer or a history buff, a trip to Yukon is guaranteed to expand your world.

The Yukon River

At over 3,000 kilometres, the Yukon River one of the longest rivers in North America and the great connector of this historic territory. For thousands of years, First Nations traded and travelled along this route, followed later by settlers and gold-seekers.

Source: Finding the Wild: Your Guide to Amazing Yukon Explorations in 2018


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