Giant Ancient Shark Tooth Mysteriously Stolen In WA; Elaina Zachos; National Geographic

Australia – Ningaloo Coast

Authorities say the tooth’s monetary value ‘would not be very high,’ though it may be prized by collectors.

A GIANT SHARK tooth that’s more than two million years old has been snatched from an Australian park, leaving authorities puzzled.

The tooth is from a megalodon, an ancient shark species that went extinct 23 to 2.6 million years ago. It’s one of two known examples in Cape Range National Park along Western Australia’s Ningaloo Coast. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Department of Environment and Conservation was just beginning to figure out how to secure the tooth when it was stolen. Up until that point, authorities had been considering covering it with bulletproof glass and other sorts of cages.

“The worst part is they took the better specimen, which was not so well known,” Arvid Hogstrom, a department spokesperson, tells BBC News. “Our staff had actually physically covered it up with natural features to make sure it was hidden.”

The ten centimetre long tooth had been stashed at a semi-secret location that only a few people knew about.

Source: Giant Ancient Shark Tooth Mysteriously Stolen In WA

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