Antwerp: design hub; Liza Foreman; BBC

Belgium – Plantin-Moretus House-Workshops-Museum Complex

Liza Foreman explores an underrated Belgian city full of destinations for design-and-fashion lovers.

Antwerp has long been associated with the acclaimed Antwerp Six fashion designers, but there is much more to the city than this. Director of the city’s Fotomuseum Elviera Velghe tells BBC Designed: “It’s a creative hub with wonderful architecture, including the gorgeous Port House by Zaha Hadid, shops with a story, cosy streets with coffeehouses, antiques stores like the Kloosterstraat, or magnificent museums like M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art).” Here are some of the top destinations for design and fashion enthusiasts.


Giant collages of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s photographs covered the walls of FOMU’s warehouse galleries for its recent exhibition Mirror.  The museum, which opened its doors in 1965 and moved, in 1986, into this repurposed Vlaanderen warehouse, is now showing something closer to home. Collection In Transit documents the upcoming move of FOMU’s archives into the new Lieven Gevaert Tower, which will be Europe’s first low-energy photo depot.


Housed in the ModeNatie, the same building as the Royal Academy’s infamous Fashion Department, MoMu is a well-respected, dedicated fashion museum. It opened its doors in 2002.

Source: Antwerp: design hub

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