Cuzco: The Magical Lands with Marnella; Joseph Deloach; Travel Research Online

Peru – City of Cuzco

Almost everyone has heard of the wonder that is Machu Picchu. And rightfully so, as this is the shining point of any journey to South America. But not many know of Cuzco, 50 miles (80 km) southeast of the Inca citadel in the mountains. Thanks to Marnella, the supplier sponsor of this article, Cuzco, as well as Machu Picchu, will be on your travel radar.

Cuzco is located in the southeastern area of Peru. It sits at 11,200 ft. (3,400 m) above sea level, and is surrounded by lush mountains. Visible from the city is the picturesque Urubamba Valley (also known as the sacred valley) of the Andes mountain range. Steps lead from the city and up into areas where gorgeous ruins reside. Within the city, the colorful markets and traditional dress of the locals are truly a sight to behold.

Because Cuzco was the capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th until the 16th century, when the Spanish conquered the Incans, you’ll find cathedrals of ornate design alongside Inca temples, a mixture sure to appease a sense of eccentric aesthetic and amazement.

Source: Cuzco: The Magical Lands with Marnella

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