Chiloé Travel Guide: What to See, Do and Eat!; Selma Dzonlic; Backpacker

Chile – Churches of Chiloé

Chiloé is an undiscovered enchantment blessed in nature, rural landscapes, delicious seafood and colourful UNESCO churches.

This windswept archipelago is located in the south of Chile and is the largest island in the country.

Arriving from the high urban sophistication that is Santiago, we immediately noticed the distinctive changes in architecture. Colourful houses sit on stilts along the water edges, covered by traditional wood shingles, which is also the theme for many stylish small hotels and restaurants dotted around the island’s capital, Castro.

But perhaps, more striking are the iconic wooden churches, 16 of which are UNESCO world heritage sites found all around the island.

The rich culture, friendly Chilotes (the name given to locals) and peacefully stunning nature, give this isle a truly distinctive identity in South America.

What to do in Chiloé


Castro is the cosy capital of the Chiloé Province. It is home to the UNESCO San Francisco Church located next to the main plaza, just look out for the flamboyant yellow coloured building and you’ll see it.

Source: Chiloé Travel Guide: What to See, Do and Eat!


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